Ingredients & allergens

A chopping board with a grater and some oranges

Most of the jams I make simply consist of fruit and sugar (with occasional additional flavourings such as ginger, lemon zest or rum!). So if there’s a particular ingredient you want to avoid, please do check through the ingredients list I’ve provided for each jam, before you buy.

None of my jams include any meat, fish or dairy products, so they can be enjoyed by jam-loving vegetarians and vegans.

Marmalade is made from whole citrus fruits, using both the outer peel and the inner pith. I use only organic citrus fruit to make my marmalade.

If a jam includes any of the 14 allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency, I have shown it in bold on the ingredients list.

I run my food business from home and make jam in my own kitchen (as well as in the kitchen on Barge Fiodra). I keep my jam-making ingredients and utensils separate from my everyday cooking items. However, please be aware that I do have items such as flour, nuts and peanut butter in my kitchen cupboards. Whilst I strive to ensure no allergens get into my jam, I cannot absolutely guarantee this. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.